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  • User AvatarRichard Ossai Wow! Brilliant and cannot wait to use! Thank you! – Mar 07, 11:52 PM
  • User AvatarMichael Cummings Anytime! If you need any other resources, let me know. – Mar 02, 2:57 PM
  • User AvatarMichael Cummings Did you get hose resources? – Mar 02, 2:56 PM
  • User Avatarrudy desir you are awesome, its great how teachers share info without asking for payment – Feb 26, 8:05 PM
  • User AvatarMAHWISH SABIH Hello, Great lessons! Easy to follow, very clear and helpful. Can you please provide the assessments that go along with the lessons. Some are missing. ... – Jan 29, 8:11 PM
  • User AvatarDebra Jordan Hi Mike! Great unit and very thorough! I was unable to download the audio and could not locate the final written exam. Could those be ... – Jan 22, 8:14 PM
  1. QR Codes in PE

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    There has been an increasing amount of strange black and white codes showing up all over the place. Restaurants, shops, cinemas, magazines and even on the side of buildings! What are they? They are QR Codes, with the QR standing for Quick Response. Basically, they are bar codes that you can read by downloading a simple free app on your handheld device like your smartphone to be able to scan the code, which will take you to a website. What does this mean for teachers? There are lots of ways of using QR codes in teaching PE and they can be a fantastic tool to increase student learning and engagement. One way QR codes can be applied to Physical Education is the creation QR Skills Posters to help students understand and master a variety of sports skills. The idea is that a student can scan the QR code if they...