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  1. The opportunities that Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA) can facilitate within Physical Education

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    This article outlines the opportunities that Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA) can facilitate within Physical Education and the National Curriculum including how outdoor education can contribute to the fulfilment of government initiatives and curriculum opportunities, and how outdoor education can encourage core skills and lifelong physical activity.
  2. What is an outstanding PE lesson?

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    This blog post looks to uncover what actual "outstanding" PE lessons look like, looking beyond the list of teacher jargon and buzzwords that we are often told constitutes an outstanding lesson, focussing on what outstanding PE is in practice, and how physical educators may go about becoming outstanding practitioners.
  3. Offering a variety of sports to engage all students

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    Many of today’s sports stars are known to have participated in a variety of sports during their school days. Lewis Hamilton, for example, enjoyed cricket at school and has even claimed that if he hadn’t had such success in motor sports, he would have pursued a career in football. By exposing children to different sports, you can significantly increase the chances of them finding an individual talent or interest. Both the pupil and school will then experience the benefits of their participation in sport.
  4. Getting That Physical Education Job

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    In our latest guest blog, Phil Cocks shares some of his own advice and guidance on getting that all important Physical Education job. With over 7 years experience and being involved in 11 recruiting processes, this post will hopefully serve as a starting point to help people avoid making the same mistakes seen time and time again.