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The Flipped Classroom – A Pedagogical Model

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What is a flipped classroom? Why is it a useful pedagogical model? And how can it be used to enhance learning?

A flipped classroom may be an ideal pedagogical model for use within examination subjects such as A Level, GCSE or Btec. This model may aid the development of independent enquirers with the research skills and resilience to seek out new knowledge. This knowledge can then be consolidated within lessons and then developed further.

Do you, or have you used a flipped classroom in your own practice? What successes and difficulties have you discovered using this pedagogical model? What is your view on the flipped classroom? Please comment below, we would be very interested to hear your thoughts on this model.

Flipped Classroom
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  1. Profile photo of Rich Becker
    February 21, 2014

    Rich Becker

    I have started to implement some ideas of the flipped classroom in my PE classes. Does anyone have any feedback related to PE and a flipped classroom?

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