Athletics Reciprocal Teaching Cards

Published: 27th February 2019

Here are some athletics reciprocal teaching cards for Sprinting and Jumping. They are fantastic pupil and non-participant resources to be used within lessons or extra-curricular clubs. They can be used as teaching aids or reciprocal … Read More

Javelin Components of Fitness

Published: 22nd April 2017

The first resource card outlines what plyometric training is and its benefits, along with identifying plyometric training exercises for the upper and lower body specific to Javelin. The second resource card outlines the different types … Read More

Indoor Athletics Lesson

Published: 28th June 2014

Indoor athletics lesson for rainy days when it is unsafe to participate in activities outside.

Olympic Sports Posters

Published: 18th January 2013

Here are a selection of Olympic Sport Posters that can be used to decorate your PE department, changing rooms, gyms and office. Includes 29 different sports.

Practices and Teaching Activities for Javelin

Published: 22nd April 2012

This is a resource card outlining progressive practices that may be used when teaching pupils Javelin. It could be used to help plan lessons and extracurricular clubs.

Triple Jump Self Check Resource Card

Published: 22nd April 2012

This Triple Jump resource card could be used as a self check or peer assessment sheet and could be used in conjunction with a video or flip camera.

Officiating Resource Card For Javelin

Published: 22nd April 2012

A Javelin officiating resource card that could be used as a non participant resource card, used on sports days and at athletic events. It outlines what is considered to be a foul throw, the throwing … Read More