Lacrosse Scheme of Work

Published: 6th February 2019

Lacrosse scheme of work suitable for KS3 students (11-14) covering basic skills and techniques. SOW linked to the curriculum key concepts and processes.

Medley Swimming Pyramids

Published: 22nd April 2018

This resource has three different medley swimming pyramids for three different abilities. It normally takes around 30mins to complete.

Indoor Athletics Lesson

Published: 28th June 2014

Indoor athletics lesson for rainy days when it is unsafe to participate in activities outside.

Volleyball Scheme of Work

Published: 11th February 2014

Volleyball scheme of work suitable for KS3 students (age 11-14). This SOW is linked to the curriculum key concepts and processes and personal learning and thinking skills (PLTs).

Dynamic Lesson Plan Template

Published: 11th December 2012

A dynamic lesson plan template to complete either prior to lessons or to engage students by getting them to complete sections within the lesson.

Handball Resources

Published: 11th November 2012

A selection of handball resources that could be used to assist lesson planning or as student resources. Suitable for both key stage three and key stage four age groups. The resources consist of practice and … Read More

GCSE / AS Muscles and Movement

Published: 14th October 2012

Resources that can be used to teach GCSE or AS Physical Education. The PowePoint presentations cover isometric and isotonic muscle contractions, muscle fibre types, muscular system and the different types of muscle. There are also … Read More

Respiratory System – Anatomy & Physiology

Published: 12th September 2012

This PowerPoint presentation and accompanying worksheet covers the layout of the respiratory system, mechanics of breathing, the nasal system, the structure of the lungs, breathing during exercise, and lactic acid production.

Personality and learning perspectives – Sports Psychology

Published: 12th September 2012

PowerPoint presentation that covers personality and learning perspectives. The learning objectives this PowerPoint aims to address are to understand theories of personality, learning theories and their characteristics, understand the role that psychology and the use … Read More

KS3 Health and Fitness Project

Published: 20th July 2012

KS3 health and fitness project booklet covering 5 activity/topic areas: Being Healthy at Home, Healthy Eating, Keeping Fit, Mental Wellbeing, and Round Up.