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FlipGym Core Workout Cards


Want a stronger core or toned abdominal muscles? These great exercises will give you two fresh workouts combining rotating, flexing and extending so none of your middle bits will remain unworked.

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Product Description

*Please note: If you wish to purchase a number of items (e.g. for a class, gym, or trade), please contact us for a discount. Thankyou.

FlipGym Core Workout Cards

FlipGymLogoSmallx15012 Exercises, 2 Workouts, 1 Unique Card. FlipGym® is a unique and innovative exercise tool to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. These pocket sized, durable exercise cards are packed with 2 punchy workouts of 6 exercises. Each Flip Gym® card takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. They are designed this way so that you can complete a fast and effective workout whether at home or in the gym.
FlipGym Core Workout Cards
The Flip Gym® workout cards have been designed by fitness professionals and contain exercises that will move your body in several ways. That way you will be confident that each routine will give you a balanced workout and ultimately better results.

Whether you want to lose weight, run a marathon or perform better in your sport there’s a Flip Gym® card for you. Simply choose your card then work through the 3 difficulty levels.


Complete the 6 exercises contained in your Flip Gym® card, then when you’re ready flip the card over and do the next set of 6 exercises. Each Flip Gym® exercise card is a single sheet of A3.


Learn each routine and master the exercises. Follow the handy instructions to ensure your technique is correct. Each exercise has at least two images, which along with the text should help you understand and perform the exercise as intended.


Get better at each exercise, record your results in the handy boxes on your Flip Gym® card and improve your personal best. If you’re not sure about how many of each exercise to do simply seek the advice of a trainer first.


Once you have done the exercises and can comfortably complete the routine simply progress onto the next level. Each Flip Gym® card is colour coded green (easy), amber (intermediate) or red (advanced).

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