FlipGym workout cards now available on PE Scholar

FlipGym Workout Cards on PE ScholarWe are delighted to announce that starting from January 2013, FlipGym pocket workout cards will now be available to purchase directly from our store.

FlipGym cards are ideal for educational use as they can be used to inform planning for health related exercise (HRE) or fitness schemes of work or unit plans, assist with the delivery of HRE or fitness lessons as a teaching or learning resource and can be used to help facilitate opportunities for students to become independent learners within lessons or for guidance when planning their own fitness training programme at the gym, at home or within GCSE PE or BTEC Sport.

FlipGym pocket workout cards are a handy resource to use whether at home, in the gym or outdoors in the park. Each unique folding card contains 2 workouts of 6 exercises and is designed to give a short, punchy exercise routine. FlipGym workout cards are classified as either Easy, Intermediate or Advanced. The Easy cards have been designed for anyone who has limited exercise experience and wants to learn basic movement patterns and progress fairly quickly. Once they have been mastered the Intermediate cards offer progressions and some alternative exercises to take the user to the next level. Each FlipGym card contains handy exercise instructions and a tick box to record results. So once you’ve mastered the technique and can comfortably complete the exercise you can progress onto the next difficulty level. Finally Advanced cards are really only meant for those who have shown technical competence in the basic movement patterns of Easy and Intermediate and fancy a real challenge.

FlipGym cards have been designed by fitness professionals and have been developed in such a way as to give a balanced, quick and effective workout. They can be used as an addition to any exercise regimen or as stand-alone programmes. Each card is designed to be used for 6-8 weeks, after which the user should show technical competence and be ready to progress to the next difficulty level or try another FlipGym card entirely. FlipGym cards are unique in their design and appeal to any kinaesthetic learners. There really is nothing on the market like this and the cool concept, coupled with concise, clear content make FlipGym a credible fitness product.

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