Physical Activity Country Factsheets – 28 EU Member States of the WHO European Region

Abstract: Physical Activity Country Factsheets

This document contains the 2018 update of the physical activity country factsheets of the 28 European Union Member States of the WHO European Region that were first published in 2015. These factsheets provide a snapshot of the epidemiology of physical inactivity, national policy responses and current monitoring and surveillance systems. The first section gives the information collected through the European Union Physical Activity Focal Points network on selected indicators of physical activity from surveillance and monitoring, data collection procedures and the sources used for some of the information at European Union level. The second section presents the physical activity factsheets of all 28 countries in the European Union.

This document was prepared to support Member States by sharing successes and exchanging experiences to provide inspiration for further development, refinement and implementation of effective policies. It is also intended to inspire closer collaboration and synchronization of data collection and policy development among Member States, while monitoring trends and identifying effective approaches in this important area of public health.