Methods of Training – Circuit Training

Published: 20th March 2019

This resource can be used within a fitness lesson or with a GCSE / BTEC class to explore methods of training. This resource outlines a complete circuit training session with station cards and record table.

HRE Resource Cards

Published: 2nd January 2019

A selection of HRE resource cards that can be used within lessons or as part of an extra-curricular club. Includes HRE Poster, Training Zone Chart, Circuit Record Card, and Resting HR and Recovery Rate.

Gym Training Programme

Published: 5th December 2018

This is a gym training programme that could be used within a HRE unit, or be given to pupils/staff who train in the school fitness suit.

Fitness Circuit Resource Cards

Published: 19th August 2012

Here are a selection of resource cards that can be used during a fitness circuit to aid teaching. Each resource card outlines the activity and how it is correctly conducted.

KS3 Health and Fitness Project

Published: 20th July 2012

KS3 health and fitness project booklet covering 5 activity/topic areas: Being Healthy at Home, Healthy Eating, Keeping Fit, Mental Wellbeing, and Round Up.

KS1 & KS2 Warm Up Ideas & Games

Published: 8th June 2012

Here are a selection of games and warm up ideas, ideally suited to KS1 and KS2 pupils. Smugglers Video Game Cat & Mouse Hoop The Mr Man Game Bumper Cars Cups & Saucers 10 Quick … Read More

Measuring Heart Rate and Recovery Rate

Published: 22nd April 2012

This resource helps measure heart rate and recovery rate over a training session. Pupils plot on a graph their resting HR and their HR during and after exercise.

Types of Training Resource Cards

Published: 22nd April 2012

The first resource is a core stability training resource card that outlines what core stability is and illustrates specific exercises designed at improving core stability strength and endurance…