Michael Jackson Dance Unit of Work

KS3 (Year 7-9) Michael Jackson Dance Unit of Work. Inspire pupils to dance like Michael Jackson – the greatest dancer of all time!

Intended Unit Outcomes

  1. To gain an understanding of 80’s/90’s Rock, Pop, RnB, Funk, Disco  and Hip Hop styles that influenced MJ’s singing/dancing (DS, DPMC)
  2. To be able to make links to other curriculum areas such as Music, Drama, English, Expressive Arts (prompt cross-curricular learning opportunities) (DPMC, E&I)
  3. Be able to perform and adapt a variety of mini routines based on MJ’s music (Com, Cre, Per, DS)
  4. To create and perform these using a range of simple/complex movement patterns and techniques (Com, Cre, Per, M&A, DS)
  5. To develop their understanding of dance terminology such as basic choreography, form, group relationship, spatial awareness and motif development relating to MJ’s music/ dance style (Com, Cre, DPMC)

To contribute towards a small group dance selecting an MJ track and choreography their own dance routine as well as “Class Flash Mob” (Assessment of Learning) (Com, Cre, Per, DS)

Key Concepts (KC):
Competence (Com), Performance (Per), Creativity (Cre), Healthy, active lifestyle (HAL).

Key Processes (KP):
Developing skills in physical activity (DS), Making and applying decisions (M&A), Developing physical and mental capacity (DPMC), Evaluating and improving (E&I), Making informed choices about healthy, active lifestyles (IC).


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  1. I have incorporated different styles of warm up to engage my students.
    Mr. C Slide
    Watch Me by Silentro
    Harlem Shake
    Napoleon Dynamite dance
    these seem to work with the students to get them engaged and a little stress/anxiety free.

    Thank you.,