Non-Performer Worksheets for Swimming

Published: 9th October 2019
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Here are a few non-performer worksheets for students to complete during swimming lessons. I have used them a number of times now to good effect. I have had pupils fill them in during the lesson and then had them feedback or ask questions to the pupils taking part as a plenary exercise. Cards include push and glide, surface dives, front crawl leg and arm action and peer coaching card.


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6 Comments on “Non-Performer Worksheets for Swimming”

    1. Hi Thandiwe,

      BLABT means, Body position, Legs, Arms, Breathing and Timing.

      If you analyse each stroke in this order it helps identify and refine trchnique.

      Hope this helps,


  1. How would you rate this resource? 5

    A brilliant way to include non-participants… another solution to the problem we suffer at our Academy… will try it tomorrow and share the idea with the rest of the team.

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