CPD Physical Education Audit

Published: 23rd January 2019

CPD audit for fellow physical education colleagues at my own school and my partnership schools to complete. This has enabled me to design a CPD programme that suits the needs of individual schools and members … Read More

Ultimate Frisbee General Information

Published: 9th January 2019

A collection of resources that cover a range of areas such as tactics, rules, specific skills and general gameplay. These resources are ideal for teachers wanting to understand how to deliver or coach ultimate frisbee … Read More

HRE Resource Cards

Published: 2nd January 2019

A selection of HRE resource cards that can be used within lessons or as part of an extra-curricular club. Includes HRE Poster, Training Zone Chart, Circuit Record Card, and Resting HR and Recovery Rate.

OAA Resources

Published: 26th December 2018

Here are a number of OOA orienteering and problem solving resources that can be used within KS3 and KS4 lessons or extra curricular clubs such as Duke of Edinburgh.

Ultimate Frisbee Different Grips

Published: 19th December 2018

Here is some information on the different ways in which you can hold the frisbee. This is more a teacher resource for ultimate frisbee than a pupil one.

Penalty Corner – Hockey Resource Card

Published: 22nd April 2018

The first resource outlines when a penalty corner is awarded and how it should be carried out. It could be used as a non-participant resource or as an aid for umpires within lessons or extra … Read More

Raft Building OAA Resource Cards

Published: 22nd April 2018

These resource cards can be used to help assist the delivery of an OAA raft building lesson. The first resource card illustrates and describes how to tie four different types of knots. The second resource … Read More

Orienteering Contour Matching Exercise

Published: 22nd April 2018

This orienteering resource card is ideal for OAA or geography lessons, pupils have to match the contour lines to the correct landscape formation. This would be an excellent starter activity.

Medley Swimming Pyramids

Published: 22nd April 2018

This resource has three different medley swimming pyramids for three different abilities. It normally takes around 30mins to complete.

Targets – Shot Accuracy and Consistency

Published: 22nd April 2018

These powerpoint presentations can be used within squash lessons and extra-curricular clubs to develop shot accuracy and consistency. Pupils have to hit the targets in order to progress through the slides.