Swimming Stroke Analysis Resource

Published: 30th January 2019

This swimming stroke analysis resource outlines the teaching points for a number of swimming strokes using BLABT, early diving progressions and backstroke start.

Safety, Injury & Health in Sport

Published: 16th January 2019

Safety, Injury & Health in Sport. The resources include a student booklet that can be used as a teaching/learning or homework resource, as well as a risk assessment pro forma.

OAA Resources

Published: 26th December 2018

Here are a number of OOA orienteering and problem solving resources that can be used within KS3 and KS4 lessons or extra curricular clubs such as Duke of Edinburgh.

Winter Olympic Sports

Sochi Winter Olympics Resource

Published: 23rd February 2014

Presentation about the Sochi Winter Olympics, the different sports (including worksheets for pupils) and GB medal hopes and results.

Dynamic Lesson Plan Template

Published: 11th December 2012

A dynamic lesson plan template to complete either prior to lessons or to engage students by getting them to complete sections within the lesson.

Rock ‘n’ Roll and Charleston Dance Work Cards

Published: 4th November 2012

A couple of resource cards that can aid the teaching of Rock ‘n’ Roll lifts and Charleston dance moves. They can be used to assist planning or for student work cards.

London 2012 Olympics – Get Set Resources

Published: 19th October 2012

Here are a number of resources from the Get Set Network aimed at promoting a sporting legacy and reliving some of the highlights of London 2012, and also includes Olympic value certificates.

Temperature Homeostasis Card

Published: 23rd September 2012

Resource card outlines temperature homeostasis, including vasodilation and constriction, hyperthermia and hypothermia, negative feedback loop and thermoregulation. Idea for use within A Level Anatomy and Physiology or Exercise Physiology, it also could be used within … Read More

Muscles and Movement Resources

Published: 1st August 2012

A selection of resources that can be used when teaching muscles and movement. The PowerPoint presentation covers the different types of muscle, tendons, ligaments, characteristics of muscles i.e.: smooth, striated, voluntary, involuntary and cardiac. There … Read More