Physical Literacy and Flourishing

Introduction We say that a good specimen of an oak tree is an oak tree that is flourishing. In the same way it could be argued that a good society is one in which people … Read More

Physical Activity, Motivation and Adolescence

Introduction Motivating students to want to learn can be one of the most challenging aspects of teaching within the secondary school sector. Adolescents during this time are starting to carve out their identity, establishing who … Read More

Childhood Obesity Guidance

This blog outlines the new plans from the Government outlined in the document “Childhood Obesity: a plan for action”.

Playful Playgrounds

The impact of the National Lottery Primary Spaces fund, as the first few schools begin to invest their allocation towards much needed playground areas.

ADHD and Exercise

Exploring new research that suggests that for many individuals, ADHD symptoms can be significantly improved by increased participation in physical activity.