Physical Literacy

Covid-19 and Physical Literacy Infographics

The IPLA in association with PE Scholar have created the following infographic to capture current thoughts around how Covid-19 might be impacting upon the development and maintenance of physical literacy. Questions Infographic – long Questions … Read More

Physical Literacy and Flourishing

Physical Literacy and Flourishing

Introduction to Physical Literacy and Flourishing We say that a good specimen of an oak tree is an oak tree that is flourishing. In the same way it could be argued that a good society … Read More

Philosophical Foundations of Physical Literacy

Introduction Physical literacy is defined as the “motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life” (IPLA, 2017). The definition can be considered the tip … Read More

Origins of Physical Literacy

Introduction The concept of physical literacy was formally launched in 2001, in Whitehead’s (2001) initial paper entitled, ‘The Concept of Physical Literacy’. Although, Whitehead recognised in this paper that the term physical literacy was something … Read More