A Discriminant Analysis of Personality Traits and Cluster Types of Physical Education Teachers


This paper understands the personality traits and cluster types of physical education (PE) teachers in elementary schools. A total of 393 elementary PE teachers volunteered to participate in this study.

The Personality Trait Questionnaire for PE teachers in elementary school was summarized and compiled on the basis of the theory of the Big Five personality traits. The researchers used the discriminant analysis method to analyze and obtain the data.

The results show that the Big Five personality traits of PE teachers in elementary schools was agreeableness. Classification of the Big Five personality traits through discriminant analysis revealed a Wilk’s λ value of .199, an eigenvalue of 3.254, and 94.7% of the variance explained.

Use of Ward’s minimum variance method indicated that the participants’ personalities were characterized by steady and pioneering type, sensitive and cautious type, and moderate and peaceful type.

There were more males than females in the steady and pioneering type, more steady and pioneering type under the age of 30 years old, and more moderate and peaceful type with more than 16 years of work experience.

In conclusion, most the personality traits of PE teachers in elementary school were agreeableness, moderate and peaceful type, which shows that most PE teachers have calm emotions, appropriate expressions of emotions, regularity, optimism, and enjoy interacting and collaborating with others.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1177/21582440221121591