GCSE PE Coursework Checklists for Students

Published: 22nd January 2022

The GCSE PE NEA Performance Analysis Assessment (analysis and evaluation) coursework can be a daunting piece of work for students. These GCSE PE coursework checklists for both Part A and B help to ensure students … Read More

Sport Education Handball Tournament Booklet

Published: 19th January 2022

This Sport Education Handball Tournament booklet provides the template for the effective delivery of a Handball Sport Education unit of work. Students must select key roles to win points for their teams. Once selected, the … Read More

Student Led Core PE Worksheets

Published: 5th January 2022

Enabling students to lead parts of their Core PE curriculum can develop leadership, organisation and communication skills as well as embed key subject knowledge. These student led core PE worksheets provide the guidance required for … Read More

Differentiation in PE – One Page Guide

Published: 29th December 2021

A brief one page guide on how to differentiate your Core PE lesson. A useful resource for trainees and Early Career Teachers with an explanation of the ways in which you can support your less … Read More

GCSE PE Coursework Teacher Feedback Sheet

Published: 15th December 2021

Proving feedback to every student on their coursework can be a lengthy and time consuming process. This useful GCSE PE coursework teacher feedback sheet enables teachers to tick off the sections the student has completed, … Read More

Student Led Warm Up Resource Card

Published: 8th December 2021

A warm up is an important part of physical activity and educating students on how to warm up effectively is an important part of PE. This warm up resource card can be printed, laminated and … Read More

High 5 PE Intervention Initiative

High 5 PE Intervention Initiative

Published: 1st December 2021

These resources aim to scaffold a range of workload conscious student interventions for Core or GCSE PE. Simple interventions enable staff to quickly identify students that deserve recognition or require further support, responding quickly and … Read More

Handball Rules

Handball Rules

Published: 24th November 2021

This  Handball Rules resource outlines the key skills in handball, the court dimensions, rules and basic gameplay principles.

Swim Fit Lesson Plan

Swim Fit Lesson Plan

Published: 17th November 2021

These swim fit lesson/session plans are ideal for curriculum or extra curricular lessons. This resource includes a core session, easy session for those injured or under the weather and a challenge session plan for those … Read More

Netball Gameplay Observation Worksheet

Netball Gameplay Observation Worksheet

Published: 10th November 2021

This netball gameplay observation worksheet is ideal for non-performers or for peer coaches to analyse team and individual performance during a game.