Post-it Plenary

Post-it Plenary Idea

Published: 5th May 2021

This plenary idea / resource aims to encourage students to feedback and reflect upon their learning during the lesson. The general idea is to ask students to reflect upon their learning within the lesson during … Read More

Handball Rules and Information Resource Card

Published: 28th April 2021

This resource card is a information card that is primarily a teaching resource but could be given to pupils as a pupil resource. It outlines the basic rules, tactics and skills required for handball.

Effective Questioning: Using a Range of Command Words

Published: 21st April 2021

Being able to use a range of command words when asking students questions can help you create more differentiated, progressive and extended questions and in short help you become more effective at questioning students to … Read More

Ultimate Frisbee - Forehand Passing Technique

Ultimate Frisbee – Forehand Passing Technique

Published: 14th April 2021

Here is a forehand passing technique checklist for ultimate frisbee, aimed at KS3/KS4 students, covering the correct stance, grip and spin. Attachments are provided in both Word and PDF formats.

Sport Education Scoring

Sport Education Scoring System

Published: 7th April 2021

Sport education / sports leaders scoring system sheet and example passing drill in football with differentiation.

100m Sprint Velocities

100m Sprint Velocities

Published: 31st March 2021

This resource covers an investigation into 100m sprint velocities, and is provided in both Microsoft Word and PDF format. It can be used within an A Level or BTEC sport lesson that investigates linear motion, … Read More

Temperature Homeostasis

Temperature Homeostasis Resource Card for PE

Published: 24th March 2021

Resource card outlines temperature homeostasis, including vasodilation and constriction, hyperthermia and hypothermia, negative feedback loop and thermoregulation. Idea for use within A Level Anatomy and Physiology or Exercise Physiology, it also could be used within … Read More

Ultimate Frisbee Rules & Activity Ideas

Published: 17th March 2021

Here is a highly detailed resource covering the rules, techniques and a series of activities for Ultimate Frisbee (flying disc). Attachments are provided in both Word and PDF formats.

Table Tennis Serve

Table Tennis Serve Resource Card

Published: 10th March 2021

This table tennis serve resource card is ideal as a teaching and learning aid, explaining the key teaching points, ideal service locations with a top and backspin extension activity.

Reducing Stress: Health and Wellbeing Resource

Published: 3rd March 2021

This reducing stress health and wellbeing resource can be used to help students explore ways in which to manage and reduce their stress levels. Covering a range of strategies such as having some down time, … Read More