Dance Assessment Rubric

Dance Assessment Rubric

Published: 22nd January 2020

A simple assessment rubric to evaluate your students who dance along with the Michael Jackson Thriller video.

Harvard Step Test

Harvard Step Test – measuring aerobic fitness

Published: 8th January 2020

This resource outlines how to conduct the Harvard Step Test. The Harvard Step Test is used to measure aerobic fitness and more specifically can be used as a ‘predictive test of VO2max. This resource can … Read More

Volleyball Rules, Regulations, Terminology and Teaching Ideas

Volleyball Rules, Regulations, Terminology & Teaching Ideas

Published: 1st January 2020

This teaching resource contains volleyball rules, regulations, key terminology and some basic teaching ideas / principles to consider when designing lessons. The terminology glossary can be used for key words and to develop literacy and … Read More

Badminton Assessment Table

Badminton Assessment Table (KS3/KS4)

Published: 18th December 2019

This Badminton assessment table is ideal for summative or end of unit assessment. You could also use it for formative feedback for GCSE moderation by inserting the level observed for each skill / area.

Sports Injury Worksheet

Sports Injury Worksheet (for GCSE or BTEC students)

Published: 11th December 2019

This sports injury worksheet is ideal for use with GCSE or BTEC Students in class or as home learning. It outlines a range of different types of sports injuries and the symptoms and treatment.

Table Tennis Teaching Resource (KS2-KS4)

Table Tennis Teaching Resource (KS2-KS4)

Published: 4th December 2019

This table tennis teaching resource has a range of useful cards including the rules and how to play card, shot technique and cut out ships that can be used for a game of battleships to … Read More

GCSE Badminton Booklet - Key Stage 4 (KS4) Practical

GCSE Badminton Booklet – Key Stage 4 (KS4) Practical

Published: 27th November 2019

This student GCSE badminton booklet is ideal for use within practical lessons. The booklet includes the rules of the game, court layout, badminton shot technique and it also helps students understand the assessment of badminton … Read More

Gymnastics Jumps and Twists

Gymnastics Jumps and Twists

Published: 20th November 2019

This gymnastics jumps and twists resource card outlines the teaching points for the pencil and star jumps and the 180 degree twist. Each card is accompanied with a self or peer assessment check card that … Read More

Respiration Worksheet

Respiration Worksheet

Published: 13th November 2019

This respiration worksheet can be completed by students to help them understand respiration. It outlines the process of inhalation and exhalation including the movement of the rib cage and the role of the intercostal muscles. … Read More