Football Resource Card

Football Resource Card: Turning and Ball Control

Published: 13th January 2021

Here is a Football resource card that identifies the key teaching points and suggests practical ideas to help develop ball control and turning with the ball. Great for use within KS2 or KS3 lessons, to … Read More


Ikigai Planning for Purpose Resource

Published: 12th January 2021

Ikigai (pronounced ick-e-guy), is a Japanese word that means ‘reason for being’ or why you jump out of bed in the morning. This resource describes the Ikigai Venn diagram. It helps you to explore what … Read More

SOLO Taxonomy Resource Card

SOLO Taxonomy Resource Card

Published: 30th December 2020

This SOLO Taxonomy resource can be used to encourage deeper learning and understanding. It can be used within GCSE and A-Level lessons to encourage comprehensive answers for synoptic questions.

Key Stage 4 Badminton England Smash Up Resource

Key Stage 4 Badminton England Smash Up Resource

Published: 16th December 2020

This Key Stage 4 Badminton England Smash Up Resource provides a range of modern Badminton challenges ideally suited to Key Stage 4 Pupils (aged 14-16). The Smash Up resource contains 25 pages of content that … Read More

Self Reflection

Self Reflection: Health and Wellbeing Resource

Published: 9th December 2020

This self reflection health and wellbeing resource can be used to encourage students to reflect upon their own self perception. It encourages students to explore six attributes of self perception including: Self-confidence Self-image Self-Worth Self-Respect … Read More

Key Stage 3/4 Trampolining Booklet

Published: 25th November 2020

A KS3/KS4 Trampolining skills requirement booklet based on the Edexcel specification, stating exactly what students must do to achieve each level.