Tennis Forehand Assessment Card

Published: 18th March 2020

This tennis forehand resource is ideal for use as a non-performer card or to aid self / peer coaching and/or assessment.

World Poetry Day: Sporting Poems

Published: 11th March 2020

This resource is ideal for use on and in the lead up to World Poetry Day (21st March). Or drop everything and read initiatives. These sporting poems can be used as an active starter activity … Read More

Basketball Skill Cards

Basketball Skill Cards

Published: 4th March 2020

A range of Basketball ‘station’ cards for different skills are included in this post. Each card is differentiated to cater for a variety of different abilities.

Softball Explained

Softball Explained

Published: 26th February 2020

This resource is ideal to introduce the rules of softball. It explains how to pitch, bat and how you can get ‘out’.  It can be used as a non-performer resource card, coaching card or just … Read More

Wallball Resources

Wallball Resources – Rules & Activity Cards

Published: 18th February 2020

Wallball is a fast growing sport that is great for developing hand-eye coordination and can be played with relatively little space and equipment. These wallball resources (attached) and provided by UK Wallball, comprise of an … Read More

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee – Game Outline

Published: 12th February 2020

Here is a brief game outline for Ultimate Frisbee. Attachments are provided in both Word and PDF formats.

Pupil Observation Sheet

Pupil Observation Sheet

Published: 5th February 2020

An easy to use pupil observation sheet. This will allow pupils to complete observations within their lessons in order to assess their learning and improve your own teaching.

PE Revision - Jeopardy Game

PE Revision – Jeopardy Game

Published: 29th January 2020

This PE jeopardy game is based on principles from the book “Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness”. Topics include basic training principles, FITT guidelines, nutrition, muscular strength, and flexibility.

Dance Assessment Rubric

Dance Assessment Rubric

Published: 22nd January 2020

A simple assessment rubric to evaluate your students who dance along with the Michael Jackson Thriller video.