Non-Performer Worksheets for Swimming

Published: 9th October 2019

Here are a few worksheets for non-participants to complete. I have used them a number of times now to good effect. I have had pupils fill them in during the lesson and then had them … Read More

Joints Resource Card

Joints Resource Card

Published: 2nd October 2019

This resource card can be used within a GCSE class for students to complete as the lesson is being taught. Or as a home learning /(homework) task or alternatively as a resource to aid revision. … Read More

Gymnastics Planning Resource - Group Routines

Gymnastics Planning Resource – Group Routines

Published: 25th September 2019

This Gymnastics planning resource card is ideal for encourage active learning and participation by helping groups to explore routine ideas and plan sequences. Students can use the resource to identify the learning outcomes and objectives, … Read More

AQA Glossary of Key Terms

AQA Glossary of Key Terms – GCSE PE

Published: 11th September 2019

This resource provides subject specific vocabulary and definitions of key terms used in the AQA GCSE Physical Education specification (8582). Students should be familiar with, and gain understanding of, these terms. The resource provides 26 … Read More

5 Body Actions in Dance

5 Body Actions in Dance and Stillness

Published: 4th September 2019

This resource outlines the 5 Body Actions in Dance and Stillness which includes: Jump Turn Gesture Transference of weight Stepping It provides ideas for each body action which can be used as a choreography prompt … Read More

GCSE Revision Maps

Published: 14th August 2019

These revision maps are a great revision tool for students taking GCSE physical education. They are fully editable and customisable so you or your students can add to or amend the content. They can also … Read More

Badminton Sequence Cards

Published: 7th August 2019

These Badminton sequence cards are ideal for use within physical education lessons or extra curricular clubs to encourage students to play and return a range of shots. They can be used as a resource card … Read More