Interpreting Data Task

Interpreting Data Task Card

Published: 22nd September 2021

This Interpreting Data Task resource helps students analyse information presented in a bar chart asking them to make judgements based on the information presented. It is a great starter or homework activity to get students … Read More

Primary Gymnastics Booklet

Primary Gymnastics Booklet

Published: 15th September 2021

This primary gymnastics booklet includes: An example unit plan An example lesson plan A range of key words to help with planning Wider information on how lesson objectives can be constructed Key information on how … Read More

Circulatory System Resources

Published: 8th September 2021

Two circulatory resources that can be used as a revision task, starter or plenary activity or just a method of teaching the circulatory blood flow and circulatory system definitions.

Physical Education / Sports Council Resource Pack

Published: 1st September 2021

This resource provides a range of resources for the creation of a Physical Education / Sports Council. The resource includes: Sports Council Presentation Student Application Form Poster Agenda and Minutes With thanks to @Lee_Sullivan85 for … Read More

Diet and Energy Expenditure Resource Cards

Published: 18th August 2021

These Diet and Energy Expenditure resources are ideal for teaching students the calorific content of different types of food and the metabolic equivalents of different exercises. These cards can be used in a fitness suite … Read More

Gymnastic Balances Core Task

Gymnastic Balances Core Task and Assessment Card

Published: 11th August 2021

This Gymnastic Balances Core Task and Assessment Card is a great supporting resource for a balance lesson. The resource outlines the following: key words and terminology the core task for the lesson and provides some … Read More

Badminton - Short Backhand Serve

Badminton – Short Backhand Serve Resource Card

Published: 28th July 2021

This resource card is an ideal visual aid to help students understand the short backhand serve. It breaks the movement down and provides the key teaching points at each phase. It can also be used … Read More

Table Tennis Skills Score Card

Table Tennis Skills Score Card

Published: 21st July 2021

Table Tennis Skills Score Card This resource card provides the instructions to the following games and provides a table for each for students to record their scores.   Serving Accuracy You must serve 10 times … Read More