Tennis Booklet – Key Stage 3/4

Published: 19th June 2019

A Tennis Booklet which contains a numbers of different conditioned games, designed to develop the main skill areas. These games are useful if you want to develop both skills and application of skill with a … Read More

GCSE PE Revision Sheets

Published: 10th June 2019

Revision broadsheets that can be enlarged to A3 Size for students to complete as revision.

Flexibility Resource Card

Published: 5th June 2019

This resource card outlines what flexibility is. It also encourages students to think about: Is your flexibility better before or after warming up? Why is flexibility an important component of fitness? What sports require a … Read More

Heart Rate Resource

Published: 29th May 2019

This resource can be used to capture heart rate before, during and after exercise. Students can plot their hear rate at various points within the lesson. It then prompts them to discuss what is happening … Read More

Goal Setting & SMART Targets

Published: 22nd May 2019

This resource can be used as a teaching aid or resource card to explain what goal setting is. It also describes what SMART targets are. It can be used as an ideal resource for GCSE … Read More

Team Building Challenges

Published: 8th May 2019

This resource provides eight different team building ideas and challenges. These activities are great delivered as icebreaker activities or as part of a team building unit plan. The resource also provides ideas on how to … Read More

Athletics Resource Cards

Published: 1st May 2019

These athletic resource cards can be used as part of an athletics lesson or after school club as a self or peer assessment or coaching resource. There are four cards that outline the high jump, … Read More

Handball Activities

Published: 24th April 2019

This resource provides ideas for handball activities including conditioned games and skill / drill practices to help develop handball skills. It could be used as a teaching aid for teachers to inform their content and … Read More

Non-Participant Peer Assessment

Published: 17th April 2019

This resource card can be used for non-participant peer assessment. The card is designed to be generic so that it can be used in any lesson or any activity area. It is a great resource … Read More