Methods of Training – Circuit Training

Published: 20th March 2019

This resource can be used within a fitness lesson or with a GCSE / BTEC class to explore methods of training. This resource outlines a complete circuit training session with station cards and record table.

Principles of Attack and Defence in Badminton

Published: 6th March 2019

This resource can be used to support GCSE practical assessment and performance analysis. It can also be used as a teacher aid to understand the principles of attack and defence in badminton.

Lesson Observation Templates

Published: 3rd March 2019

These lesson observation templates can be used to observe qualified, newly qualified (NQT) and trainee teachers (PGCE / Schools Direct). There are two templates provided that allow you to comment on each aspect of the … Read More

Athletics Reciprocal Teaching Cards

Published: 27th February 2019

Here are some athletics reciprocal teaching cards for Sprinting and Jumping. They are fantastic pupil and non-participant resources to be used within lessons or extra-curricular clubs. They can be used as teaching aids or reciprocal … Read More

Lesson Objective / Outcome Prompts

Published: 20th February 2019

These lesson objective / outcome prompts can be used to help you construct more effective learning outcomes and objectives. Whether you use WALT (What Are We Learning Today) or WILF (What Am I Looking For) … Read More

Netball Ladder

Published: 13th February 2019

This netball ladder is a fitness training resource that develops cardiovascular endurance, core stability and upper / lower body strength.

Lacrosse Scheme of Work

Published: 6th February 2019

Lacrosse scheme of work suitable for KS3 students (11-14) covering basic skills and techniques. SOW linked to the curriculum key concepts and processes.

Swimming Stroke Analysis Resource

Published: 30th January 2019

This swimming stroke analysis resource outlines the teaching points for a number of swimming strokes using BLABT, early diving progressions and backstroke start.

CPD Physical Education Audit

Published: 23rd January 2019

CPD audit for fellow physical education colleagues at my own school and my partnership schools to complete. This has enabled me to design a CPD programme that suits the needs of individual schools and members … Read More

Safety, Injury & Health in Sport

Published: 16th January 2019

Safety, Injury & Health in Sport. The resources include a student booklet that can be used as a teaching/learning or homework resource, as well as a risk assessment pro forma.