Active Lives – Adult Survey report november 2017/18

Now with a third full year of data, this Active Lives report provides an updated comprehensive overview of adult (age 16+) sport and physical activity in England in the 12 months from November 2017 to November 2018.

The positive news is that in the 12 months to November 2018, the number of adults who were regularly active has increased by almost 500,000, whilst the number of inactive adults has fallen by 185,000. These results have primarily been driven by an increase in the number of women who are regularly active.

As a result, the gender gap between men and women has narrowed by over 90,000, from 352,000 to 258,000. Activity levels are also up for disabled people and those with a long term health condition. There is, however, much still to be done, with persistent inequalities for those from the lowest income families, black and South Asian backgrounds and disabled adults or those with long term health conditions – particularly those with three or more impairments.

This report brings together:

  • How people are choosing to get active
  • The picture of volunteering in sport and physical activity
  • The link between engaging in sport and physical activity and the social outcomes identified in the government’s Sporting Future strategy.

Once again, this report provides the headlines, with links to more in-depth data tables.