Active Travel Strategy

The aim of the strategy by Dumfries & Galloway Council is to promote and increase active travel throughout the region. Active Travel includes using walking or cycling for journeys, like travelling to and from work, school or the shops.

The strategy was developed following a region wide public consultation. It was agreed by the Economy, Environment and Infrastructure Committee in 2014. An Action Plan has been be put in place to monitor the delivery and success of the Strategy.


The main focus of the strategy is improving the opportunity for and uptake of active travel which will assist in enhancing health and well being outcomes, support tourism, economic growth, protect the environment and transport sustainability. The vision is to see active travel being the normal choice for short, everyday journeys across all of our communities.

The objectives of the strategy are:

  • Developing infrastructure improvements that encourage active travel and seeks to prioritise maintenance of active travel infrastructure.
  • Promoting walking, cycling and scooting as alternative transport modes.
  • Continuing to work with students, school children, staff and parents to encourage more active travelling to and from school and further education.
  • Working with employers and staff to encourage active travelling to and from work.
  • Improving the safety of walking and cycling in the region and contribute to national road safety targets.
  • Embedding active travel opportunities within new developments.
  • Seeking and supporting funding opportunities within new developments.
  • Encouraging and facilitating walking and cycling as leisure and tourist activities to provide benefits to health and the local economy.


To deliver the vision and objectives of the strategy and initial 2 year action plan has been developed with clearly defined actions, which will be measured and reported on regularly.