Core Content Framework – Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

One the key recommendations to arise from the discussions about the government’s ITT market review was the role and place of a government mandated curriculum for initial teacher education. The core content framework is the realisation of that recommendation.

What Is The Core Content Framework?

The initial teacher training (ITT) core content framework (CCF) defines in detail the minimum entitlement for all trainee teachers. Drawing on the best available evidence, it sets out the content that ITT providers and their partnerships must draw upon when designing and delivering their teacher education programmes.

When Was The Core Content Framework Introduced?

The ITT Core Content Framework, was published by the Department for Education (DfE) in 2019, and all Universities were expected to be using the framework by September 2021.

What is the purpose of the Core Content Framework?

The CCF argues that the quality of teaching is the single most important in-school factor in improving outcomes for pupils – and it is particularly important for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.

No one is born a great teacher, they develop and emerge over time with support from colleagues and guidance through a core body of knowledge.

The vision for the CCF is to create a teacher training and development system in which:

  • The ITT Core Content Framework and the Early Career Framework (ECF) establish an entitlement to a 3 or more year structured package of support for future generations of teachers;
  • Mentoring and support from expert colleagues forms a key element of this multi-year entitlement;
  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) will continue to be awarded at the end of Initial Teacher Training against the Teachers’ Standards; and
  • The ITT Core Content Framework and the ECF will be reviewed together in future, ensuring reviews are performed regularly, build on previous iterations and draw on the best available evidence.

Using the ITT Core Content Framework

The CCF is a minimum entitlement this means that it can be adapted and extended by Universities to create their own unique and ambitious ITT offer.

ITT Core Content Framework Summary

The CCF is arranged into eight areas that include:

  1. Set High Expectations
  2. Promote Good Progress
  3. Demonstrate Good Subject & Curriculum Knowledge
  4. Plan and teach well structured lessons
  5. Adapt Teaching
  6. Make Accurate & Productive Use Of Assessment
  7. Manage Behaviour Effectively
  8. Fulfil wider professional responsibilities

Further information about each area can be found here:

The CCF and the ECF

The CCF aligns with the UK government’s Early Career Framework (ECF) to establish an entitlement to a 3 or more year structured package of support for all new teachers at the start of their careers.

Backed by evidence

The frameworks have been devised using current research evidence reviewed and endorsed by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) alongside guidance from an Expert Advisory group and other sector representatives.

The frameworks will be kept under review as the evidence base develops over time and adaptations will be made accordingly.

To read more download the full document here.