Effects of a Physical Literacy Breaks (PLBreaks) Program on Physical Literacy and Body Composition in Portuguese Schoolchildren: A Study Protocol


Active breaks have led to improvements in physical fitness, daily steps taken or even improvements in the health of participants who have taken them. However, no study has assessed how they affect physical literacy (PL). This study will try to explore the effect of a programme based on active breaks (PLBreaks) on PL and body composition of schoolchildren. For this purpose, the PLBreaks programme will be carried out for 3 months and 3 days a week. The PLBreaks programme will consist of two blocks of 10 min of different physical activities (PA). The first block will be focused on the acquisition of knowledge and healthy life habits that will contribute to the development of the domains of knowledge and understanding and daily activities. The second block will be focused on the physical competence and motivation through games. Furthermore, a control group who will follow their usual daily activities is included. This would allow the investigation of whether the PLBreaks programme leads to an improvement in PL and body composition in schoolchildren. If the effectiveness of the programme is demonstrated, the programme could be included in public education programmes, representing a scientific advance in terms of improving health-related PA and adherence, as well as the prevention of diseases associated with inactivity.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.3390/biology11060910