Health and Wealth – the inclusive growth opportunity for mayoral combined authorities

Health and wealth are flip sides of the same coin. That is why improving people’s health and wellbeing
is fundamentally about creating prosperous local economies that benefit everyone and recognising that
without a healthy workforce, inclusive growth will not be possible. Without action on both health and
wealth, the fiscal gap between the demand for public services and their supply will be difficult to close.

This report, which was commissioned by Public Health England (PHE), has been researched and written
by the advisory firm Metro Dynamics. It draws on the experience working with cities, towns and businesses
across the UK and internationally, supporting inclusive growth, collaborative governance and devolution.
And it seeks to achieve a deeper understanding of the interlinkages between health and wealth and the
opportunities that devolution presents to focus on prevention and early intervention across the life course.
It is particularly directed at the role the new metro mayors can play in this agenda.