The Validity and Reliability Study of the Basic Motor Movement, Social Skill Observation, and Evaluation Scale for Basic Movement Education


It is aimed to develop a measurement tool which is a basic motor movement, social skill, attitude observation and evaluation scale for Basic Movement Education. In the study, the natural observation from qualitative research methods is used.

The scale outline with 40 items is formed as a result of literature review and negotiations. To determine the content validity of the scale draft, the opinions of six field experts (lecturers), two preschool teachers, two physical education (PE) teachers, and two language experts were analyzed using the Lashwe technique.

By analyzing the experts’ opinions according to Lashwe technique, four items are removed since their content validity rate (CVR) assets are less than 0.75. CVR shows that the scale provides 4-point Likert-type construct validity and consists of two subdimensions with 36 items (the basic motor movement skill dimension is 16 items and social skill dimension is 20 items).

Total points of the Spearman correlation coefficient are checked among the observers. While the correlation coefficient of the basic motor movement skill dimension is .71 (p = .000), the correlation coefficient of social skill dimension is .82 (p = .002).

The correlation coefficient among the total points is more than .70, and the results (p < .01) are meaningful. This shows that the measurement tool is reliable, and the scale provides reliability with 4-point Likert-type gradation.