Basketball Skills: Student Worksheets

Resource Overview

These Basketball Skills Worksheets provides 5 student tasks for each skill. The tasks include peer coaching, a skills practice, student designed game, discussion and reflection task. The key skills explored in this resource include:

  • Dribbling
  • Set Shot
  • Chest Pass
  • Defending

They are ideal to promote student engagement and peer collaboration. They can be used in curriculum time or during extra-curricular clubs. The peer coaching task encourages learners to explore the teaching points and the different basketball techniques. To download the resource cards please scroll to the bottom of the page to the downloads section.

Basketball Skill Practices

The skills practice provides a basketball drill or activity with a progression / extension task to challenge learners. The discussion and reflection element of the cards aim to encourage learners to explore the key basketball tactics and reflect upon their progress.

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We hope you found these Basketball Skills Student Worksheets useful if you would like further resources please request a resource below or by contacting us.


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