British Rowing Fitness & Circuits Resource Pack

In 2022 we created a whole host of additional teacher resources for British Rowing to support indoor rowing and general fitness/ engagement in safe exercise. Hundreds of teachers took advantage by enrolling on the free online orientation course hosted on our platform here (and you can too)! However, we know busy teachers are and are now excited to share instant access to download the resources.

Here is a sneak peak of some of the resource cards that fit with the units of work provided and DO NOT ALL rely on you having indoor rowing machines:

We hope you will also be able to make use of easy to follow units of work and materials to support curricula and extra-curricular indoor rowing opportunities. For example, skill development cards and a set of 12 ‘fun first’ indoor rowing activity cards that are suitable for class sizes of 30+ with only a small number of rowing machines.

Remember, you can access and complete the free online asynchronous orientation course at any time to help ensure you make the most of these resource cards but finding time to complete that course is no longer a blocker to accessing the materials.



British Rowing Fitness & Circuits Resource Pack