Covid-19 Friendly PE: Target Games with a Socially Distanced Twist

Published: 2nd December 2020

This is a target games unit of work/learning is designed to be Covid-19 friendly by encouraging students to work in small bubbles or individually.

Unit Outline

  • Each lesson, students work in small ‘bubbles’ (teams) to design and play a three to six hole course over varying distances.
  • Students select the ‘method’ of play from a choice of foot golf, frisbee golf, throw golf, tri-golf etc.
  • Each week students will learn a different format to play within their bubble.
  • Students should be encouraged to challenge other teams to complete their course if time allows.

target games unit of work

Equipment – The holes can be created using different coloured cones or hoops.

Etiquette and Safety Considerations – Space courses out to avoid risk of being hit. The person whose ball is furthest from the hole plays next, ensure all other students on that hole are behind the person playing the next shot. Avoid sharing of equipment wherever possible.

This target games unit of work can be edited and adapted to suit your school’s socially distanced PE policy.


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target games unit of work

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