GCSE Badminton Booklet – Key Stage 4 (KS4) Practical

This student GCSE badminton booklet is ideal for use within practical lessons. The booklet includes the rules of the game, court layout, badminton shot technique and it also helps students understand the assessment of badminton as a practical sport. It explains what examiners are looking for, in both Key Processes (A/B) outlined below:

GCSE Badminton – Key Process A – Developing skills for all game activities (10 marks)

Candidates need to demonstrate their ability to develop and apply the following skills/techniques in increasingly demanding situations, such as semi-opposed or opposed situations/structured practices in competition/authentic context.

Candidates should be able to:

  • improve the range, difficulty and quality of their skills and techniques
  • develop the consistency with which they use and perform skills with precision, control and fluency.
  1. Service e.g. grip, high, low, flick (forehand or backhand)
  2. Overhead e.g. clear, drop, smash (forehand and backhand where appropriate)
  3. Underarm e.g. clear, net drop (forehand and backhand where appropriate)
  4. Drives e.g. forehand and backhand
  5. Footwork e.g. movement around the court, change of pace and direction, when hitting the shuttle, lunging

GCSE Badminton – Key Process B – Being creative and making decisions in all game activities (10 marks)

In game/physical activities, candidates increasingly demonstrate their ability to anticipate the responses of others, and to use this information to select and apply skills, and tactics and to adapt their own performance. This is assessed according to its consistency and effectiveness in the full, recognised version of the game/event.

Candidates should be able to:

  • select and use tactics and strategies imaginatively in complex and demanding situations
  • respond effectively and imaginatively to changing circumstances as they arise during the game.


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