Winter Olympic Sports

Sochi Winter Olympics Resource

Published: 23rd February 2014

Presentation about the Sochi Winter Olympics, the different sports (including worksheets for pupils) and GB medal hopes and results.

Plenary Producer

Published: 12th December 2012

Plenary producer is a great teacher resource that will help give you ideas for plenary activities and mini-plenary activities within your lessons. It outlines a number of plenary tasks and details how to perform them.

Dynamic Lesson Plan Template

Published: 11th December 2012

A dynamic lesson plan template to complete either prior to lessons or to engage students by getting them to complete sections within the lesson.

Netball Essentials Resource Cards

Published: 28th November 2012

Here are some Netball essentials including: score cards, court markings, and attacking statistic resource cards that can be used when umpiring, coaching and teaching Netball during lessons and extra curricular clubs.

Handball Resources

Published: 11th November 2012

A selection of handball resources that could be used to assist lesson planning or as student resources. Suitable for both key stage three and key stage four age groups. The resources consist of practice and … Read More

Fitness Circuit Resource Cards

Published: 19th August 2012

Here are a selection of resource cards that can be used during a fitness circuit to aid teaching. Each resource card outlines the activity and how it is correctly conducted.

Swimming Technique Resource Cards

Published: 16th July 2012

Four swimming resource cards covering each stroke. They can be used as coaching aids for non-participants or for teaching point reminders for pupils. Each card describes the arm action, leg action, body position and timing … Read More

Gymnastics – Resource Cards

Published: 16th July 2012

A selection of gymnastics resource cards that can aid teaching and learning. They can be used as learning resource cards or non-participant resources.