SEND In PE – Adaptive Teaching Considerations

This SEND in PE resource lists a range of potential SEND additional learning needs from the following categories and identifies adaptive teaching (differentiation) considerations to promote an inclusive environment within PE.

  1. Cognition and Learning
  2. Sensory and Physical
  3. Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH)
  4. Communication and Interaction

For example Hearing Impairment is one of the considerations listed under sensory and physical and outlines the following considerations for practical and theory PE lessons.

Hearing impairment


  • Check communication needs such as learning some basic signs.
  • Make sure they’re in good position to see the demonstration
  • Have a buddy system who they are comfortable with and use peers reinforce learning
  • Don’t over emphasise your mouth/speech, but change your speed when you talk.
  • Eye contact


  • Visual aids, key word sheet.
  • Print out the presentation to make notes.


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