Striking & Fielding Games – Unit Planning with a Difference

The research is clear, we should move away from planning a skill per lesson and seeing PE as some kind of sport technique focused subject. Whilst traditional schemes of work may work in some settings and are a good place to start for inexperienced practitioners, we would like to support those of you who want to deliver a more progressive and personalised approach to teaching PE.

This unit planning proforma is editable to adapt to suit your setting but is built around the idea of:

  • Headline outcomes that can be articulated against our popular know, show and grow framework to recognise the holistic development potential of our subject
  • Clear scope and sequence for the key elements of starting, maintaining and winning a rally that are essential to success in all racket sports (+ volleyball)
  • The simple language of beginner, improver, advanced and mastery to support progression within those key elements, mindful that most classes have learners at all of these phases due to exposure (or not) to specific activities outside of school
  • Key vocabulary and terminology that is generic across all net/ wall games and language that is more specific to a specific sport
  • Core tasks that are great for engagement, development and assessment
  • An assessment rubric which helps self, peer and teacher assessment against key know, show and grow criteria

We have also included the relevant one-pager activity prompt cards with significant rules, common misconception and four key technical teaching points for cricket, rounders and softball/ baseball.

This resource pack is fully editable and we encourage you to develop it further to suit the needs of students and staff in your setting. Any and all feedback is always welcome.


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