Student Voice Survey

We know that the best physical education programmes are co-constructed with input from students to help ensure provision is best matched to individual attitudes, motivations and preferences. We also know that our biggest critics are sometimes our quietest when it comes to voicing their opinion in class discussion and hence it is essential to carry out regular student voice to help inform future tweaks to your offer.

This MS Form based survey is set up so you can duplicate and edit it before utilising at your school. It has proven popular and useful amongst those who have completed our PE Curriculum Design Programme over the last couple of years so we wanted to make it available to all.

Access the survey using this link.

Whilst that 14 question survey collects a whole host of information to include auditing whether students have attended regular extra-curricular clubs, represented school at sport or regularly play for a local team in addition to how they feel about their PE lessons, we have also produced a much shorter snapshot survey that could be used at the end of a specific PE lesson or unit of work where you have trialled something new. Here is the link to this shorter snapshot survey to duplicate, edit and use.


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