Mobility – Teaching Games for Understanding

Published: 10th July 2019

The TGFU (Teaching Games for Understanding) teaching model is used to generalise games and focus more on the tactical and technical skills that are needed to play similar games. This mobility lesson is for invasion games which include sports such as football (soccer), handball, basketball, hockey, etc.

Lesson objective(s):


  • To be able to answer:”What was the tactical problem today?”
    • “What is the technical principle we are using to solve this problem?”
    • “What technical skills did we use to accomplish this?”
  • What is the importance of running as soon as you pass the ball?
  • Why is it important to call for the ball when you are open?
  • Explain the importance of scoring points in an invasion game.


  • To be able to communicate with teammates
  • To be able to have a conversation at the end of the lesson regarding how they felt about the lesson and if they enjoyed this type of game more or less than the net/wall stye games


  • To be able to demonstrate mobility
  • To be able to move into the proper area of the game space
  • To be able to effectively demonstrate a pass, a give and go, and an I-cut

Assessment for measuring lesson objectives:


  • Asking CFU (Checking For Understanding) questions throughout the lesson.


  • Having the students fill out a self evaluation at the end of the lesson.


  • Watching as they perform the skill and recording that information on the GPAI. Using this to see if they are above or below the 67% benchmark.


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