Volleyball Sport Education Season Booklet

This Volleyball Sport Education Season Booklet provides a template for a sport education season. This specific booklet uses Volleyball as the activity but this could be easily adapted to another activity or sport. The booklet outlines the aims of sport education, job roles week by week and lesson task cards to be completed each week in the season.

Aims of Sport Education

  1. Develops sport specific techniques and fitness.
  2. Appreciate and be able to execute sport specific strategic play.
  3. Share planning and administration.
  4. Provide responsible leadership.
  5. Work effectively within a group towards common goals.

The Sport Education approach believes in becoming affiliated with a team; carrying out skills practices with the team, and then applying them to competitive games. You should develop greater social skills and ability to work with others as a result of this, as well as see PE from a different perspective.

Volleyball Sport Education Job descriptions

  • Warm up coach – your responsibility is to warm up the rest of your team every lesson in an appropriate way. You will have the responsibility of ensuring that your team’s fitness levels are good enough.
  • Coach – your responsibility is to improve your team’s level of skill under the supervision of the teacher. You will then ensure that your team use the skills with the correct technique during the game.
  • Manager – your responsibility is to ensure that the team is organised, prepared for each session. You will also ensure that all equipment is ready for the lesson, liaising with other team managers.  You will provide a link between the teacher and other teams.
  • Rules coach / umpire – this is a floating role that other people can adopt as when necessary. You will be playing and not umpiring whole games.  Your responsibility is to ensure that your team are fully aware of the rules and regulations of the game, and that they adhere to them.
  • Scorer – your responsibility is to ensure that all recording and paperwork is correct and carried out efficiently. You will record any points your team are awarded, as well as the results of the games.  You will be assigned a small amount of time at the end of the lesson to complete this task.
  • Journalist – your responsibility is to give a session / match report at the end of each lesson. You will have time at the end of the lesson to write this down and may also deliver it verbally


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Volleyball Sport Education Season Booklet