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  1. Guest Blog by Margaret Whitehead – Two hours of Physical Education no longer statutory and funding for Olympic athletes

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    I am shocked by the government move to give schools the responsibility to allocate time for physical education. The reason is extraordinary, being that in order to follow the two hour requirement, schools had been ‘filling’ physical education time with activities such as yoga and circus skills. While I feel that this relates to only a minority of schools, I see no reason why, if they increase leaner motivation, such activities should not be included. Many young people want to experience a wide range of physical challenges and may well be disillusioned by ‘more of the same’. Some of the most successful physical education programmes cover a wide variety of activities within and outside curriculum time to meet the interests and needs of all learners. I can see no positive outcome for this change in policy – only that there will be less time for any sort of physical activity...
  2. ATTENTION – All PE Teachers

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    We would like the Government to introduce dedicated PE teachers into every primary school in the UK. This would help in the fight against childhood obesity. Problems with body image could be tackled at an early age. Both of these things, if tackled, would mean savings in the future. This is an e-petition request for all in favour to sign please.