PE Insights Episode 10: Rhys Meredith – Student Voice and the Use of Exit Tickets


Welcome to another insightful episode review of the PE Insights podcast, where Nathan Walker engages in conversations about physical education. In this episode, we delve into the journey and insights of Rhys Meredith, an elementary PE teacher at the American International School in Budapest. Rhys shares his passion for physical education, the importance of student voice, and the strategies he employs to create meaningful and enjoyable PE experiences.

Rhys’s Educational Journey

Rhys is a primary teacher from the UK, and began his teaching career in an inner-city London school before venturing overseas to teach in Doha, Qatar, and Jeju Island, South Korea. Currently, he is an elementary PE teacher in Budapest. Rhys reflects on his educational journey, emphasising his love for sports and how experiences working with children in the United States fuelled his passion for teaching. Despite initially pursuing an unrelated field in university, his summers were spent working in summer camps that redirected him towards becoming an educator.

Passion for Physical Education

Rhys’s enthusiasm for physical education stems from his childhood experiences, finding joy and confidence through sports. As a teacher, he aims to instil a lifelong love for physical activity in his students. He highlights the importance of involving students in decision-making processes, allowing them to voice their preferences and in turn shape the PE curriculum accordingly.

Student Voice and Ownership

Rhys emphasises the significance of student voice in shaping PE experiences. By seeking feedback and involving students in decisions about activities and games, he ensures that the lessons are tailored to their preferences. Through end-of-year reflections and regular check-ins, Rhys gathers valuable insights that guide the planning and execution of PE lessons. He shares how students’ opinions matter and discusses the positive impact of letting them know that their input is genuinely valued.

Creating Just Right Challenge

One of Rhys’s key strategies is introducing the concept of “just right challenge”. He encourages students to choose activities that provide the right balance – not too easy, not too hard. This approach fosters a sense of agency and ownership, making the learning experience more meaningful and enjoyable for the students. Rhys also employs exit tickets and quick check-ins to gather continuous feedback on students’ experiences, allowing for timely adjustments and improvements.

Adaptive Teaching and Exploration

Rhys advocates for exploration before explanation, allowing students to engage in unguided exploration of activities before introducing formal instruction. This approach supports the development of assessment-capable learners who can reflect on their own learning. He highlights the importance of adapting teaching methods based on student’s needs and preferences, ensuring that every minute in PE is utilised effectively.

Fostering Positive Attitudes in Team Games

Addressing challenges related to team games, particularly negative attitudes and arguments, Rhys involves students in problem-solving. By encouraging them to identify issues and propose solutions, he empowers them to contribute to creating a positive and enjoyable learning environment. The resulting student-generated posters serve as reminders of fair play and sportspersonship.


In conclusion, Rhys’s journey and insights showcase the transformative power of passionate and student-centred physical education. By prioritising student voice, creating just-right challenges, and fostering a positive and enjoyable atmosphere, Rhys contributes to nurturing a lifelong love for physical activity in his students. His strategies serve as valuable inspiration for PE teachers aiming to create meaningful and engaging experiences for their students.

About the Guest

Today’s episode is a conversation with Rhys Meredith. Rhys started as a primary school teacher who worked in London before venturing overseas. He is now an Elementary PE Teacher at the American International School in Budapest. Rhys strives to provide meaningful experiences for all in PE. In this episode, he talks about the use of student voice and exit tickets. Enjoy!

You can connect with Rhys directly via X at @RhysMeredith23

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