Diversity in Sport Governance Survey 2020

A report from Sport England summarising the diversity in Sports Governance across the United Kingdom. Statistics and graphs are used to illustrate the percentage of respondents from different communities, identities, and backgrounds to best understand the diversity amongst various sports organisations.

Methodology – Diversity in Sport Governance Survey 2020
Each funded partner was asked to determine a representative who would be responsible for ensuring that the survey was forwarded to each of their Board Members individually.
Permission was then provided by that representative for their details to be shared with Perrett Laver, who sent out the survey to them on 29th October alongside a request to
forward the email and survey to Board Members for direct completion.

This contrasted the 2018 survey in which diversity data was collected through the Chair/Secretary to the Board or other representative using assumed knowledge or previously
collected data, without individual Board Members having opportunity to self-identify and complete a survey directly.

The Diversity in Sport Governance Survey was available online as a link through Survey Monkey, as well as in a word document. Telephone interviews were also offered. All completion options were mentioned in the introductory email, alongside an invitation to contact Perrett Laver directly through a bespoke, confidential email address should they wish to discuss other alternatives or have further questions about the survey.

The aim was to ensure that any individual with accessibility requirements was able and felt comfortable to participate. Each question also had a “prefer not to say” option, and where relevant and necessary there was an “other” option to give people opportunity to self-identify if their preferred term was not listed. At the end of the survey, there was also an opportunity to provide additional comments allowing broader feedback to be captured. 897 people completed the online survey (though some skipped specific/multiple questions) and 28 people completed the word document. Nobody chose to do a telephone interview or requested other means. The survey was open for 27 days, closing on Wednesday 25th November 2020.

A reminder was sent via email to the representative on the 6th November 2020, a week after the initial email, followed by a second reminder on 13th November 2020, two weeks after the initial email. A final reminder was sent on the 20th November 200, four days before the closing deadline.


Diversity in Sport Governance Survey 2020