School Sport in England – House of Commons Briefing Paper

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In a letter to the Chair of the Youth Sport Trust in October 2010, the then Education Secretary, Michael Gove, announced that the Coalition Government was lifting the requirements of the previous Government’s PE and Sport Strategy and would end ringfenced funding for School Sport Partnerships. The letter, along with a further announcement made in December 2010, outlined the Coalition Government’s approach to school sport in england. This included:

  • revising the physical education (PE) curriculum to place a new emphasis on competitive sports;
  • encouraging more competitive sport through the creation of an annual Olympic-style school sport competition; and
  • providing funding for secondary schools to allow PE teachers to spend one day a week encouraging greater take-up of competitive sport in primary schools.

This House of Commons briefing paper provides more information on these policies and related and subsequent developments in the provision of PE and school sport in england.