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  • Hockey Student Worksheets

    These Hockey Skills Worksheets provide 5 student tasks for each skill. The tasks include peer coaching, a skills practice, student designed game, discussion and reflection task. The…
  • Invasion Games – Unit Planning with a Difference

    The research is clear, we should move away from planning a skill per lesson and seeing PE as some kind of sport technique focused subject.…
  • Games non participant worksheet

    We would always advocate that all students get changed and participate in an active way during lessons, even when injured. However, there are still times…
  • Non Participant Lanyards

    This set of 8 non participant lanyards are great to issue to students who are given a different role during a lesson. This may be…
  • Analysis of Performance worksheet

    This analysis of performance worksheet starts with a series of question prompts that could be used in core or GCSE PE to support analysis of…
  • Hockey Grip and Vision Resource Cards

    AFL resource cards for how to grip the hockey stick, outlining different grips for different positions. The resource card also illustrates the correct body position and when dribbling and where to look/vision of the player to promote game/play awareness.
  • Penalty Corner – Hockey Resource Card

    The first resource outlines when a penalty corner is awarded and how it should be carried out. It could be used as a non-participant resource or as an aid for umpires within lessons or extra curricular clubs...
  • Floor Hockey Unit Plan (6 Lessons + Assessment)

    This floor hockey unit plan contains six lessons plus three accompanying assessment sheets. It focusses on skill development and general knowledge needed to participate in floor hockey, with an additional focus on minor strategy and teamwork within floor hockey. It can be altered to suit varying class sizes and exercise spaces too.
  • Olympic Sports Posters

    Here are a selection of Olympic Sport Posters that can be used to decorate your PE department, changing rooms, gyms and office. Includes 29 different sports.
  • Hockey Resources

    Various hockey resources. Ideal for use within general lessons, as assessment resources or non-participant resources.
  • Royal Navy Resources

    Here are a wide selection of Royal Navy Resources.
  • Hockey Resource Cards

    Here is a collection of hockey resource cards that could prompt planning or be given to pupils to conduct. They could be used within core PE lessons or within extra curricular clubs.