Floor Hockey Unit Plan (6 Lessons + Assessment)

Please note: This floor hockey unit plan has been kindly contributed by Michael Cummings.

This unit plan contains six lessons plus three accompanying assessment sheets. It focusses on skill development and general knowledge needed to participate in floor hockey, with an additional focus on minor strategy and teamwork within floor hockey. It can be altered to suit varying class sizes and exercise spaces too.

Although this unit can be adapted to achieve international standards/awarding bodies for PE, it specifically covers the NASPE content standards in skill competency and understanding.

Learning Goals/Objectives of the Unit or Teaching Strand

  • Students will increase their knowledge regarding parts of the hockey stick.
  • Students will increase their knowledge of basic rules and strategy in floor hockey.
  • Students will increase their ability to handle a puck while dribbling around an obstacle course and in game play.
  • Students will increase their ability to pass and shoot as needed in a floor hockey game and activities.
Lesson 1: Safety and intro to unit

Teaching Strategy: Listen, Do, Discuss. Assessment: None.

Students will understand how to keep a puck (or ball) under control while practicing the listen, do, discuss model of instruction. Students will first listen and watch a demonstration of how to handle a puck, and then they will do some activities involving puck control, then we as a class will discuss the techniques that we practiced.

Lesson 2: Passing and Receiving

Teaching Strategy: Direct Instruction. Assessment: None.

Students will increase their knowledge and skill of passing and receiving a floor hockey puck. Students will learn how to control and pass a puck while stationary and moving.

Lesson 3: Shooting, Target Shooting, Wrist Shots

Teaching Strategy: Direct Instruction. Assessment: None.

Students will increase knowledge regarding the wrist shot. Students will also practice shooting at a target to practice for the floor hockey end of unit test.

Lesson 4: Wrist Shot, Offsides

Teaching Strategy: Say Something. Assessment: None.

Using the Say Something method the students will increase their skill of the wrist shot. Students will also be able to demonstrate the offsides rule.

Lesson 5: Dribble and Shooting Assessment

Teaching Strategy: Quick WritesAssessment: Dribbling and Shooting Tests.

Students will take the dribble and shooting assessments. They will dribble through a set of cones to acquire a timed score. Students will shoot at a goal to acquire a score.

Lesson 6: Pass and Written Assessment

Teaching Strategy: Quick WritesAssessment: Passing Test and Written Final.

Students will take the pass test by passing with a partner to acquire a score. Students will also be given a written final for the end of the floor hockey unit.


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