Swimming Stroke Analysis Resource

Published: 30th January 2019

This swimming stroke analysis resource outlines the teaching points for a number of swimming strokes using BLABT, early diving progressions and backstroke start.

Front Crawl Resource Cards

Published: 22nd April 2018

The first resource card is is a front crawl arm action resource card. It outlines common faults and illustrates the correct arm cycle from entry to recovery. The second resource card is a pupil friendly … Read More

KS2 Swimming Resources

Published: 22nd April 2018

The first resource contains some flash cards to help pupils undersand and visualise teaching points. The second resource is a non-participant resource card.

Medley Swimming Pyramids

Published: 22nd April 2018

This resource has three different medley swimming pyramids for three different abilities. It normally takes around 30mins to complete.

Olympic Sports Posters

Published: 18th January 2013

Here are a selection of Olympic Sport Posters that can be used to decorate your PE department, changing rooms, gyms and office. Includes 29 different sports.

Swimming Technique Resource Cards

Published: 16th July 2012

Four swimming resource cards covering each stroke. They can be used as coaching aids for non-participants or for teaching point reminders for pupils. Each card describes the arm action, leg action, body position and timing … Read More

Swimming Non-Participant Resource Cards

Published: 30th June 2012

Here are a selection of swimming non-participant resource cards for pupils who are not actively participating in the lesson, or these resources can be used to aid learning.