Benefits of Physical Activity: Health and Wellbeing Resource

Published: 7th October 2020

This Benefits of Physical Activity Health and Wellbeing Resource encourages students to explore the range of benefits of partaking in physical activity. It can be used as a starter activity or independant home learning task that can then be discussed as a class or in small groups.

Complete Wellbeing Curriculum for Key Stage 3 & 4

This Benefits of Physical Activity resource is just one of many resources included in a complete, fully-editable Wellbeing Curriculum containing 12 x detailed lesson PowerPoints, 12 x 5-min lesson plans, and associated student workbook for each Key Stage, specifically designed to ease planning and preparation in response to potential changes in physical education delivery as a result of COVID-19. For more information including an outline of the 24 lessons and curriculum map please see: Complete Wellbeing Curriculum for Key Stage 3 & 4



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Benefits of Physical Activity

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