Physical Education Concept Curriculum – Sample Lesson Plans

Concept Curriculum Sample Lesson Plans

This post aims to give you a sample of the lesson plan content contained in the PE Concept Curriculum Package. Within this package there are a total of 171 lessons that can be used as an independant lesson or overlaid on top of an existing curriculum. The lesson plan utilises the Learning that Transfers model of Aquire, Connect and Transfer (adapted from Stern, J., et. al., 2021). In the downloads below we have provided 3 sample lesson plans from one year seven unit.

Physical Education Concept Curriculum

The content within this resource package has been designed to work alongside existing sport/activity schemes of work and each unit, comprising of 9 lessons, and can be delivered in the order the teacher decides best work with the practical activity.

Depending on how the hours of PE are allocated within your school, the method of delivery can vary. If you have two individual hours of PE per week then this curriculum can form one hour per week. There is enough content to be delivered for a double lesson (2 hours) if required. Termly swaps, fortnightly or any other variations of delivery can also be implemented effectively.

We really hope this resource supports you in transforming your curriculum offer and ultimately making a bigger difference to more children and young people’s lives.

What’s included in the full package?

This resource contains the following:

  • Physical Education Curriculum Map
  • Year Curriculum Road Map
  • 19 x individual Units of Work
  • 171 x individual Lesson Plans
  • Templates to create your own Concept Curriculum Unit

Package Overview

For a detailed overview of what’s in the PE Concept Curriculum package, please see the User Guide [PDF] or alternatively visit our store page to find out more.

We also held a launch event in July where an overview of the package is provided by the authors.

For more information please contact us.


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