Physical Education Concept Curriculum Launch Event

  • Does your curriculum truly meet the needs of every student?
  • Does your current curriculum meet your own and your departments ‘Why?’
  • Does your curriculum nurture physical literacy?
  • Is PE valued in your school?

If you answered “no” to any of the above then the concept curriculum could be for you. Please join us on Zoom on the 14th of July from 16:00-16:30 (Live) or catch up by watching the video below to hear more about how a concept approach could be more effective for your students, department and school.

What is a concept curriculum?

A Concept curriculum is an approach to curriculum design that moves away from subject-specific content and instead emphasises “big ideas” that span multiple subject areas or disciplines.

 Why adopt a concepts approach?

A conceptual approach offers an alternative to the traditional sport and skills-based approach to PE curriculum design and delivery. Please join us for 30 minutes, to hear from the authors of our concept curriculum and learn more about this approach to PE curriculum design.

View the Launch Event Below

Download the Presentation Slides Here

To view or buy the PE Concept Curriculum please click Here

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