Edexcel/ Pearson GCSE PE Components of Fitness Posters

These 11 components of fitness posters have been created to clearly illustrate the definition, a sporting example, and ways to train and test the major components of fitness.

This set has been aligned to the Edexcel/ Pearson definitions and there is a separate series of posters using AQA and OCR definitions. Please note they have not been constructed with certainty of earning marks in an examination but instead are aligned to the different specifications to support learning for all in core PE.

We have intentionally shared a broad and inclusive range of sporting examples across the posters. We encourage you to think carefully before fitness testing whole cohorts on your PE curriculum as for many it turns PE from Positive Experiences into Public Embarrassment.

They are ideal for display in practical or classroom spaces and can also be given to pupils as a revision aid.


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