Free Running Unit Resource

This resource can be used to introduce free running to your class. Free running is landing properly, shoulder rolls and vaults. There is a simple rubric provided in the resource on landing, jumping, balancing and rolling. It also has a teacher checklist for moves and combination movements.


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  1. Thanks for this. I enjoyed the holistic approach which will serve as a super foundation for educators of primary physical education to plan cross-curriluar learning experiences. We have some fabulous modules here and one in the BA programme offers such a wonderful school-based opportunity.
    Hopefully we can attract more interest in the fundamentals from both our student teachers and ‘assisting’ pupils through a creative cross curricular approach. I will let you know how I get on; early days but the pilot went well. I think I might substitute your point system for a mastery based system as to build pupil learning awareness of their progress and keep that focus. Having used the movement analysis wheel, it would seem quite an easy addition to complement with the generic level of skill proficiency which is definitely a good fit for primary years. Input welcome.
    Best wishes,