Handball Resources

Here are a selection of handball resources that could be used to assist lesson planning or as student resources. Suitable for both key stage three and key stage four age groups. The resources consist of practice and drill ideas, rules, and umpiring signals as well as court dimensions and tactical objectives of specific positions.


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    1. Thanks for the comment Michele, I am pleased they have helped you with your planning. Please do let me know if you need any more resources for handball or any other sports!

      Good luck with the rest of your planning.


  1. I assume that there is some instruction on what a good overhead pass and bounce pass look like? most handball resources available in English there is no details on what the breakdown of the skill looks like, this applies in all areas shooting, passing and defending. There is never instruction on tackling, as lets face it, handball is a contact sport no matter how much some try to avoid this. Any thoughts?