Home Sports Day – Home Learning – My Sports Day Week

As part of our home learning series, this ‘Home Sports Day’ resource contains a set of 5 sport event resource cards and a sports week results and recording table.  It has been designed for a home learning Sports Day, but for each day of the week, to help students try to achieve a personal best in each event.  These resources are suitable for ages 6-14 but are also fun for any age!

This resource has been designed to be used in two ways; either complete all 5 activities every day across the week, recording scores each day and identifying personal bests for each event, or; just focus on 1 event each day and spend time practising the event, recording the personal best for that day.

Included with the resource:

  • 2 x Record and Results tables – one for all events every day, and one for 1 event each day.
  • 5 x Event cards, one for each activity: Long Jump, Ball Throw, Endurance Running, Triple Jump, and Sprint Race.

As always, we very much welcome your feedback on this Skill Challenge series, so please feel free to leave your comments below.



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