Mobile Applications & Micro Blogging Technology Poster Presentation – International Physical Literacy Conference 2013

Information Communication Technology (ICT) rapidly and incrementally changes over time. The use of ICT In the modern world has evolved to become an integral part of everyday life, whether communicating, accessing or downloading data, across the vast spectrum of devices and platforms in use today.

It is important that education responds accordingly to this technological demand, ensuring that what is being taught and learnt in schools across the country remains relevant and engaging.

The use of ICT within education can aid the development of physically literate individuals who are competent and confident in using a wide array of digital media and technology to enhance their physical literacy journey within and beyond compulsory education.

Recent advancements in ICT have allowed for the use of mobile technology and micro blogging within education to become a reality. Mobile apps, and micro blogging websites such as Twitter, have the potential to really enhance learning experiences within education. This poster outlines how this technology can be used to enhance teaching and learning experiences and promote physical literacy.

The use of apps and micro blogging can aid teaching and learning experiences if used effectively. It is important to stress that student confidentiality should be taken into consideration to ensure that specific student data is not available to the public.  The use of ICT can enhance teaching strategies; it is not designed to replace them. The use of mobile apps and micro blogging can compliment teaching strategies in creating innovative, effective and engaging learning experiences.


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