Movement Skills (Dance Unit of Work) – Early KS3 (Year 7)

Dance unit of work suitable for key stage 3 pupils.


After carrying out the activities in this dance unit of work, pupils will:

  1. Develop their understanding of basic ‘dance terminology’ and ‘essential features’ such as action, space, relationships and dynamics
  2. Be able to compose, perform and appreciate dances, based on different types of music/themes
  3. Be able to create and perform the ‘above components’ using a range of simple/complex movement patterns and techniques in small group/paired/solo performance(s)
  4. Be able to make links to other curriculum areas such as Music, Drama, English, Expressive Arts (prompt cross-curricular learning opportunities)
  5. Reflect on their own and others’ performances, take responsibility for their own learning and develop personally and socially



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