Netball Ladder

This netball ladder is a fitness training resource that develops cardiovascular endurance, core stability and upper / lower body strength. The workout space is organised with mats in the middle of the space and a running lap on the perimeter of the space. Participants work in pairs while one is running around the perimeter the other is performing the exercises on the mats. Each exercise lasts for 60 seconds and then the pairs switch positions. The participants continue to switch moving up the ladder. Once they have reached the top of the ladder you can either stop or work your way back down the ladder. Make sure that a warm up and cool down is undertaken prior and immediately after the workout.

A description of each of the exercise stations is outlined below:

  • Ball sit up – Lying flat on the floor with knees bent the participant holds the ball above their head and performs a sit up with the ball.
  • Ball leg hold – Lying flat on the floor trap the ball between your feet and then raise your legs 6 to 10 inches off of the floor.
  • Ball press up – Place hands either side of the ball and perform a press up making sure your chest touches the ball before recovering. You can push fitter participants by placing both hands on the ball and get them to perform a press up.
  • Ball twists – Sitting down with your legs bent and raised, with the ball in two hands twist to place the ball on the floor either side of you and then repeat.
  • Plank – Perform a plank with the ball between your arms.

This is a great circuit for developing fitness levels as part of pre-season training or during season training.


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